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Lappli houses for over 30 years

Lappli has over 30 years of experience in building houses. We are part of PRT Forest Group, which has approximately 800 employees and a revenue of 130,8 million Euros. Other Group companies besides Lappli include the window manufacturer Piklas, the furniture component manufacturer Mellano and the log house manufacturer Kontio.

Lappli is high quality, modern and flexible

The design of Lappli house collections is based on the principles of flexibility, high quality and modernity. It is easy to find a pleasing house model in Lappli’s extensive product range, and every model can be customised according to the customer’s wishes. We can also manufacture the house on the basis of architectural drawings or the customer’s own design. We closely monitor developments in the industry, and anticipate changes and new requirements. Due to our flexible approach, any changes are soon available in the house models. That is why Lappli’s products lead the way in the market.

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