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This is how a Lappli house is constructed

Lappli house is erected quickly: the average duration of the entire project is 6 months. The panelised wall system makes construction faster in the initial phase of the project, in particular; unfinished houses are soon protected against the weather. We will support you, as necessary, throughout the construction project.


The customer manages

The customer together with Lappli-HOUSES

Lappli-HOUSES manages


Choosing or designing the suitable house model, acquiring the plot and finding out the planning regulations

Lappli’s designers will help, as necessary



Determining the content of the delivery, selecting the suitable installation scope and time of delivery


Invitation to make an offer


Making and introducing the offer


Concluding the transaction



Preliminary approval of the house model by the building supervision,
 obtaining the main designer and the site foreman

Lappli will help, as necessary


Having the layout plan prepared, applying for a building permit, having the foundation plan prepared


Order acknowledgement from the factory to the customer



Preliminary scheduling of production

Inspecting and approving the order acknowledgement and main drawings





Ordering the building components from subcontractors, preliminary selection of the installation team, making the construction plan for the customer, making the foundation dimension drawing for the customer

Performing the earthwork and preparing the foundations/having them performed and prepared


Making the panselised wall system drawings for production, binding scheduling of production and transport



Delivering the house package and installing it up to the agreed phase

Inspecting, approving and documenting the installation work



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