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Delivery content

The indicated prices of the house models include Lappli’s extensive delivery content, which meets the needs of a builder appreciating an easy, comprehensive package. However, we are flexible as to delivery content: if desired, the house can be delivered as a mere prefabricated wall system delivery or as a package whose content is even more comprehensive than that of the extensive delivery. We will help you find the solution that suits you.

Standard delivery content of Lappli house pack:

Outer wall

  • Wooden framework, the outer walls of large units with 250 mm insulation
Outside covering of spruce. Standing/lying, cover boarding with rib flanges, optional lath-and-plastering is not included in Lappli-Houses' delivery.
  • The facade panels are primed, assembled on the elements.
  • The different plastering options can be found in the Traditional house catalogue pages 72-73


Elements for 1.5-storey houses are insulated

 Intermediate floor

  • 22 mm particle board flooring
Floor joists whose dimensions depend on the house type
100 mm impact sound insulation
Secondary spaced boarding 21 x 95 cc 400

  • Ceiling gypsum wallboard 13: MDF and pine panels, optional

 Interior walls

  • Wall stud 66 mm

  • Insulation: 50 mm, mineral wool
In bathrooms and shower rooms, gypsum wallboards are replaced with approved wet room wallboards


  • White-painted 3-glass windows of wood/aluminium, U value 1.0, casement window
  • Openable Skaala pivot-hung windows (TT 180), other window options:
  • Window lining and window decorations, primed
  • Ask more about the different window decoration alternatives for traditional houses

External entrance doors

White-painted thermo doors of high quality, glass panels of selective glass, U value 1.0. The door type can be selected from different categories: Classic, Design, Ratia design, wood design doors. Manufacturer:
  • Interior doors: white-painted panelled doors with white frame. More information about the different alternatives can be found at: Sauna door of whole glass, untreated wood frame. Ready-to-cover doors to wet rooms, untreated wood frame.

Attic flooring 

  • Attic flooring insulation 450 mm

  • Bolt stops and vapour barriers

Roof constructions

  • Roof truss, frame construction, beams

  • Roof materials: bricks, metal roof, shingle or Dekra roof. See or an alternative metal roof at
  • The false ceiling is condensation-proof. Tongued and grooved boards are optional.
Eaves board, primed

Knot board

145 and 170 primed for modern houses – corner stud 58 mm x 58mm

Materials for roof terraces, terraces and balconies, including columns and rails in many different versions.


Sauna aggregate, sauna benches and panels

  • Heat recovery unit
, central vacuum cleaner
  • The stairs of pine/birch, oak steps,


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