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Leisure homes
Lappli's leisure homes are a high-quality choice for any purpose. The collection includes houses for fellsides as well as for your home cove. Even friends of alpine houses can find their own favourite models. Lappli's leisure homes are panelised wall system houses of high technical quality, equipped with thermal insulation required for arctic conditions. Compared with traditional log cabins, they offer many advantages. Lappli's leisure homes are fit for winter habitation, cosily warm and comfortable. The space arrangements can be planned flexibly for the future when a villa can easily be transformed into a second home. The panel wall system provides for quick erection. Lappli's leisure homes provide the same opportunities for customisation as any other Lappli houses. For example, you can select villa-like timber cladding or sturdy log panel cladding for the outer walls.
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Leisure homes
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