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Why Lappli-Houses?

A Lappli house is exactly what you want

Lappli’s extensive collection provides house models for many tastes. However, each customer and plot is different, and more individual solutions are in demand. Due to our flexible house factory and innovative design services, we can customise our house models almost without limits or implement a dream house based on the customer’s own design very cost-efficiently.

Lappli’s excellent price-quality ratio provides savings for the builder

Lappli’s materials come from the industry’s leading manufacturers in Scandinavia. In our production, we use dense timber grown in Northern Finland. Lappli’s house factory is located in Tornio, the Finnish neighbour city of the Swedish Haparanda, and our delivery chain is cost-efficient throughout Scandinavia.

Lappli is reliable

In addition to the high quality of of its products, Lappli is known for its reliability. We have more than 30 years of experience in building houses, and our operations are backed by the strong PRT Forest Group. A concrete indication of our financial standing is the highest AAA credit rating, which we have been awarded during several consecutive years.

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